Manutención automatizada - Equipments
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We have a wide range of peripherals to fully automate the raw material maintenance processes in processing machines for the plastics transformation industry and the chemical, pharmaceutical and food sectors.



The DTV dosing units allow continuous dosing of two (or more) products in proportions and with an output that may be adjusted according to needs. The products may be: granules, powder, ground materials, colourings, etc.
The inclination of the conduct assures constant saturation of the dosing spiral and therefore greater precision.
The dosing spirals are driven by a geared motor. The spiral turning speed determines the dosing percentage of each component and is controlled by means of a frequency variator.
A flexible mechanical feeder simultaneously collects the dosed products and perfectly homogenises the mixture. At the same time it automatically supplies the feeding hopper.
It is therefore possible to dose from two to six components.
If using a pneumatic feeder, we install a mixer tank in order to guarantee correct homogenisation.

  • Considerable improvement of the quality of the finished part through regular incorporation of the components.
  • No further handling of heavy loads, manual mixing, etc..
  • Completely automatic operation.
  • Easy and rapid cleaning, no tools are needed to remove the motors and spirals.


  • Dosing precision ± 0.5% to 2% depending on the product granulometry.
  • Output from 10 to 2,000 Kg/hour.
  • Relative dosing possible from 0 to 50%.