Manutención automatizada - Equipments
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We have a wide range of peripherals to fully automate the raw material maintenance processes in processing machines for the plastics transformation industry and the chemical, pharmaceutical and food sectors.


The Transplast centralised pneumatic feed installations are conceived designed and planned following a personalised study of each customer's needs.

These feeding installations enable all raw material maintenance processes in the plastic transforming industry to be automated and cover from the supply of raw materials to their distribution to the different transforming, injection, extrusion and blowing machines, while integrating all complementary functions.

The storage silos are planned to size to adapt to needs and incorporate material control systems to be able to keep stock control at all times. The different systems range from rotating level controls to loading cell devices, passing through ultrasound levels and guided microwaves.

These installations allow any transformation machine to be fed any product at all times and also all of the processes needed in the production process to be integrated, such as aggregate dosing, material de moisturising and continuous recycling of surpluses. Using a management program, they can also control all of the operation parameters by means of a communication touch screen.

The implementation of such systems gives considerable economic advantages both in reducing space and in workforce.